Period-correct 80's and 90's car culture.


Radwood 2 - Presented by Jalopnik

December 2, 2017 - The Phoenix Club - Anaheim CA

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Radwood is an automotive event that captures the essence of 80's and 90's car culture. A period correct event for cars & bikes from Jan 1, 1980 to Dec 31, 1999. Wear your best 80's and 90's clothing and bring your rollerblades.

Register for the event with your 1980-1999 car for $25.

"Radwood Royalty" cars are cars that represent the ultimate essence of the era and are subject to organizer approval. Tickets for "Royalty" are $50 and get showcase parking + a Radwood Royalty t-shirt.

Entry for cars not pre-registered will be $25 at the gate.
General admission is $10 per person, kids 12 and under get RAD for free!

Enter code RADBIKE for $10 off for motorcycle owners. 

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